Commissioners to meet Tuesday


The Moffat County commissioners will hold a night meeting on Tuesday.

The commissioners scheduled the meeting because many Moffat County citizens can't attend the Tuesday morning meeting.

The meeting starts at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday in the Moffat County courthouse.

"If someone has a problem with the county and can't get to a regular meeting, this is an opportunity to say 'hey, you guys have a problem,'" Commissioner Darryl Steele said.

The commissioners will hold their regular Tuesday morning meeting, but will reconvene in the evening for general discussion and a public question and answer session.

The commissioners advertised the meeting in the local newspapers hoping citizens would bring up specific issues they wanted the commissioners to discuss, but as of Friday, commissioners had received no responses.

Commissioners' assistant Gena Hinkemeyer said the question-and-answer session will give citizens a chance to talk to the commissioners, but they won't vote on anything during the meeting.

"The public is welcome and encouraged to come," Hinkemeyer said.

If there is a good turnout Tuesday night, the commissioners might hold an evening meeting every few months, Commissioner Steele said.

The commissioners have held meetings in Dinosaur and Maybell in the past in an effort to make the meetings more accessible to people outside Craig.

In April, the commissioners met in Maybell to discuss ambulance service in western Moffat County.

Steele said he hopes citizens come to the meeting, whether it's because they're mad at the commissioners or they're happy with the commissioners.

"If anybody has any concerns or problems with the county, I hope they come and air those," Steele said. "But we'd like to have them come up and say 'you're doing a good job,' too."

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