School district rates high in satisfaction


Parents are satisfied with the Moffat County School District.

At least those who chose to respond to a School Account-ability Committee survey are, and that's 38 percent districtwide.

Overall, this year's survey results were on par with last year's, according to data released at the Thursday night Moffat County School District Board of Education meeting.

Satisfaction with school lunches remains a concern among parents, as do homework consistence and safety in schools and on buses.

"In general, the data demonstrates parents are very satisfied with our schools," SAC member Julie Hall said. "Every individual school's results showed an overall increase in parent satisfaction from the previous year."

At Moffat County High School, parents are concerned about whether the rules are fair and consistently enforced and whether staff members have high expectations for student behavior.

Many parents used a portion that allowed for written comments to discuss the school's dress code. Most noted it was not enforced equally.

Some parents called for more homework, others for less, and there were comments asking that students be challenged more.

Staff and extracurricular offerings were noted as strengths.

Parents of seventh- and eighth-graders said the facility isn't adequate to meet students' needs, have concerns about the amount of homework assigned and say discipline isn't equally enforced.

They also said advanced classes are needed, the rules are good and the staff is highly qualified.

SAC members will, at the request of parents who filled out the survey, continue to offer the survey as a way to gather input from parents. They likely will make it available online in the future, as well as on paper.

Last year the SAC conducted a homework survey and distributed best practices to teachers.

School board members also received a budget update at Thursday's meeting. The district is within $66,000 of having a zero-growth budget, and Bergmann said that's likely as close as they'll get unless a staff member resigns or a change in revenues occurs.

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