Mascarenas hopes for success


Michael Mascarenas hopes his offbeat hobbies will produce success in his future.

Mascarenas, who is bound for Laramie County Community College in the fall to study computer programming, said his interest in computers and video games are what make him different from most young adults in Craig. His interests also are why computer programming is a natural fit for him.

"It will be fun to make things I can play with," he said.

Mascarenas, 18, was born in Craig, and has lived his whole life here. Although Mascarenas is excited to leave, he will miss parts of the Craig area.

"It's nice," he said. "Not too big.

Mascarenas also will miss a lot of his friends and the times they had four-wheeling and getting stuck. But, he said he is eager to experience other parts of the state, and hesaid he needs a break from Craig.

Leaving his job at Sign Source Professional Signs and Lettering, and his family -- most of whom live in Craig, will be the toughest parts of leaving for Mascarenas.

Besides working with his computer and playing video games, he enjoys helping at Hayden Speedway. Mascarenas works in a pit crew. Although he admits he does not know a lot about cars, he says it is a unique experience that gives him something to do.

"I basically watch and hope nothing starts on fire," he said.

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