Secure items in rental units


Springtime in Craig brings flowers, new wildlife and storage-unit break-ins.

Craig police Sgt. Bill Leonard said people looking to store their belongings need to do research to determine which storage sheds are the safest in Craig. He said consumers should see which units have been broken into the most and which ones have the best security, such as good lighting.

Leonard thinks the thefts take place because most people don't do enough to protect their units. He said criminals break into the storage facilities that are easiest and quickest to get into. He suggests people spend extra money to make sure their belongings are safe.

"Spend the money up front to protect your valuables," he said.

Joe Ence, owner of Mountain Storage for five years, is not sure whether there are more break-ins, but he thinks the volume of storage units in Craig have increased.

"The facilities in Craig have probably doubled in the last five years," he said.

Ence said he has had very few break-ins at his storage area and calls the break-ins, "totally random." He warns all customers about the possible risks associated with storage sheds.

"Everyone stores stuff at their own risk," he said.

Ence said he tells customers the best way to protect valuables from being stolen is to get the best lock they can afford. They also can purchase storage insurance.

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