The new All Stars

Youth baseball league tries out new format


Trent Parrott and Josh Pritchard, both 10, love their new uniforms.

"They're so much cooler than my night league jersey," Pritchard said about his Craig All-Star Uniform.

"It's more of an honor to have the All-Star one," Parrott said.

The 10-year-olds are part of a new program for the Bulldog Youth Baseball League. Instead of picking an All-Star team after the season is over, coaches picked teams a few weeks into the season. They will play in weekly games against other All-Star teams and travel to some local tournaments during the regular season.

"This gives those kids chances for a lot more games," Bulldog Youth Baseball's Scott Parker said. "We wanted to give them a bit more exposure."

Tuesday night was the first All-Star game for the Craig 8-, 9- and 10-year-olds. They defeated Meeker, 9-3 and 5-1, in a five-inning doubleheader.

"It's more competitive," said 10-year-old Brentten "Bubba" Ivers. "It's the best players from every town."

Ivers, who also plays on a Triple Crown team, pointed out that it gives even more baseball players a chance for games.

"The more everybody plays, the better they get," he said. "At least that's how it works for me."

Jake Bingham, 10, liked the opportunity to play with all of his friends instead of against them.

"Normally we're playing against each other in the night league, and you want to do good, but it's hard against your friends," he said. "If you hit your friend when you're pitching, you feel bad, but if you hit somebody you don't know, it isn't as bad."

The 8,9 and 10 and the 11 and 12 All Star teams will play in a tournament in Meeker during the weekend.

"Those age groups never get to see teams from Rifle or Parachute," Parker said. "This year they have that chance."

Pritchard understood the purpose for the longer All Star season.

"It gets us ready for middle school and high school," the future fifth-grader said. "In the night league you already know everybody, but in this you don't know how they're going to pitch."

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