Inmates may face charges from 'hooch'


Recipe: Fruit, bread, yeast and sugar. Mix well in a baggie and let stand.

It's called "hooch," a jailhouse term for moonshine.

Investigator Jeremy Ashton with the Moffat County Sheriff's Office is investigating a case of inmates making the jail brew.

"It's happened quite a few times in Moffat County," Ashton said. "It's a big thing in (Department of Corrections) prison."

An inmate at the Moffat County Jail may be accused of concocting the mixture. If it's determined that it has an alcohol content, an inmate or inmates suspected of making it can be charged with a felony of introducing contraband into the jail.

Ashton said he investigates about two or three such cases a year. The latest brew was uncovered inside of a 2-gallon bucket, he said.

Moffat County Investigator K.C. Hume said inmates have been caught making the concoction for years -- at least for the 11 years he's worked with the county.

Ashton said jail officials usually find the substance because it can start to smell a few days after yeast has been added. Inmates have tried to make the mixture in baggies.

"It's really bad," Ashton said. "It's like nail polish remover. It can have the alcohol content of mouthwash."

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