Smoker Friendly robbed; police seek male suspect


Craig law enforcement officials spent Friday seeking a man suspected of robbing a cashier at Smoker Friendly earlier that day.

Manager JoDeena Bullock said a man demanded all the money in the store's cash register at about 8:15 a.m. The man simulated a handgun by holding something that seemed to look like a gun that was pointed at her through his pocket, Bullock said. Bullock said the man probably got away on foot and that he had taken about $70.

Sgt. Marvin Cameron of the Craig Police Department said police hadn't located a suspect by about 3 p.m. Friday.

He said police think the man was simulating a handgun and did not have a real one.

"As far as concerns, there's no reason to believe the community is in any danger," Cameron said.

Bullock said she was in the store's bathroom Friday morning when a man entered the store, walked into the back room and called out a hello. When she emerged, the man pointed what looked to be gun at her through a sweatshirt and demanded all the money in the store, Bullock said. Bullock said she gave him all the money in the drawer.

The man also watched to see that she disconnected the phone before he left, as he asked her to do, she said.

"He made me think it was a gun in his pocket," she said. "If he wouldn't have had his hand in his pocket I probably would have done something different. I thought, 'I better do what he tells me.'"

Bullock said the store has a video surveillance system and the incident was taped. The robber did not cover his face.

Bullock said police later found soaking wet clothes that matched the description of what she remembered the man wearing.

Bullock said she was scared at the time of the robbery, but later that day she felt anger.

"If you make somebody think they're going to get shot, that's scary," she said. "I'm just mad now."

Cameron said that if the suspect were caught, charges would include harboring a weapon, whether it was real or simulated.

"We have nothing to indicate that this guy is going to hurt anybody," he said. "I don't think community has anything to worry about."

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