Sand, socks and soccer balls: Party set for Sunday


It's a party, and all soccer enthusiasts are invited.

Bill Sawer, who maintains a grass and a sand soccer field on his property south of West First Street, is hosting a beach soccer party Sunday.

"It won't be real structured," he said. "I had a Sunday off, so I thought I'd organize something for the community."

Balboa Field, which was completed in July 2003, provides a unique opportunity for athletes to play on 87 tons of sand.

"It's fast, and you get more touches," Sawer said. "You can only play about 10 minutes though because you get tired."

On Sunday, Sawer hopes that players will come out to play as often as they want from noon till dark. His only requirement for the day is that people bring their own lunches.

"Sometimes it turns into a big tailgate party," he said. "Families come out to watch, and most of them end up playing."

Sawer suggested potential players bring old socks to play in because the sand can be too hot for bare feet and shoes fill quickly with sand.

"There are no shin guards required because we don't play in shoes," he said. "It's fun to play on sand because you don't have to worry about falling down on something hard."

Sawer said that after nearly two years with the field, he has enjoyed hosting many games.

"Sometimes I'll have 10 people, sometimes 50," he said.

Sawer brought in five trucks of sand to build the field in 2003 after his plans to build an indoor soccer facility didn't work out.

The Craig Youth Soccer coach extends an open invitation for soccer players to contact him to play on his field. The 80-foot-by-50-foot field is for all.

"The spectators are right in the action," he said.

For more on the beach party or availability of the field call Sawer at 824-0116.

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