Libraries to get new program


The Moffat County Libraries Board of Trustees unanimously voted to approve the purchase of a new library management system.

The new system will allow surrounding Moffat County libraries in Dinosaur and Maybell to look up information for patrons quickly and more efficiently.

The move to the new system comes on the heels of a complete server failure Friday.

Director of Libraries Donna Watkins said that while loading updates onto computers, there was a system failure.

She said the computers were taking longer to boot up, and after awhile, the file structure began to deteriorate.

Watkins said the libraries have been without the automation system since the crash. The automation system keeps records of patrons, what books are checked out, late fees and fines.

Now, she said, they are manually checking out books and the only downside is that people cannot look up books in the catalogs. Although people can't use the catalogs now, Watkins said the staff at the library is "very knowledgeable" and can help anyone find almost any book.

Watkins said visitors still must bring their library cards to check out books, and the process should be a little slower.

Most of the automation system has been recovered, and Watkins said she anticipates the server to be back in service by Wednesday or Thursday at the latest.

The new system will cost the library $595 and should be fully running by next year. Watkins said the library will install the new system when they put in a new server.

The new server and new system will be included in the 2006 budget.

Items on the budget will be discussed Aug. 15 at the next board meeting.

Although Watkins said it is tougher with the server being down, the benefits of the new system instantly will be noticed by customers of the library.

"It will be much faster," she said. "It is user-friendly."

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