star student: Riley Johnston


Ridgeview Elementary School fourth-grader Riley Johnston loves to read.

"Because I'm good at it," she said.

The bigger the book and the more animals in it, the better, she said.

Her favorite animals are dogs "because if you tell them a secret, they won't tell."

"They don't talk," she said.

Her love of animals plays right in to her intended career in veterinary medicine.

That she doesn't like math might hurt.

"I'm just not good at it. It's hard," she said.

Johnston is the baby in her family. She has six older brothers and sisters. So much older that she has lots more nieces and nephews than she is able to count -- some older than she is.

She's the only one left at home, though.

"I don't like being the only child, it's boring," she said.

Johnston's teacher, Janele Husband, said Johnston is a very caring girl.

"She's one of those kids who makes everyone feel good," she said. "She's just a sweetie."

Husband said Johnston's a hard worker and a very advanced reader.

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