Ollie B. Hope: Isn't it amazing how Bush always gets what he wants?


I'm sure glad to hear that George W., Condoleezza, Rove and the rest of the Bush Bunch -- all safe, snug, partying, big-spending, wealthy, etc. -- have won the Iraqi war and their war on terrorism, I guess, and an Iraqi election, no less!

Wow and whoopee! The world is now a safer place. I've heard Bush say so himself. How much has this great Bush victory cost in dollars and human lives? May I have the exact count? And what does his big rush to "fix" Social Security, right now, have to do with it? An ulterior motive perhaps? I learned from his Medicare fiasco how Bush "fixes" things.

Maybe I'm just an unpatriotic spoilsport and sore loser, but it seems the past two elections the United States has had have turned out very, very badly for this county -- with worse to come, I'm afraid. But Bush almost has gotten an Iraqi election. I just hope there's still enough people alive to vote if it does take place.

Isn't it amazing how Bush always gets whatever he wants, no matter how wrong, dumb, selfish and insane it is?

Ollie B. Hope


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