Judy Bogdin: Reader takes jabs at mayor's position


Wow, I almost missed it ... the article on the new bank! I have to admit that I was surprised. We already have three banks and a credit union in this town. Wouldn't the addition of another bank take away business from the already established banks here in town?

Is it that the mayor and other business-savvy men see an opportunity to make themselves some more money? Will that be at the expense of business already here? Maybe, they could open the new bank in the new Wal-Mart store? That way they can make money off of Wal-Mart, and therefore see the way to bring Wal-Mart here?

Please, correct me if I'm thinking that another bank is comparable to the small mom-and-pop stores downtown. Seems to me that there is a lot more there than meets the eye. How many employees would work at this new bank? How many would Wal-Mart be able to employ? There are plenty of unemployed people in this town to fill most of those jobs, if not all. Saving money traveling to Steamboat Springs would help keep money here in town, help save on gasoline cost ... oh wait -- does the mayor own a gas station?

Judy Bogdin


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