Schools update Web site


Parents who want to know what their children should know, teachers who want to see what happened at the last School Board meeting or fans looking for the date of the next basketball game can get that information in just a few simple clicks.

The Moffat County School District has upgraded its Web site to make it more comprehensive and user friendly.

"There's been quite a few people putting a lot of time and energy into upgrading our Web site," Superintendent of Schools Pete Bergmann said.

The improved site provides a text-sensitive search engine so that browsers can find any policy or curriculum subject simply by typing in the keyword.

"It makes everything accessible, including curriculum," Bergmann said. "It's a real usable tool."

School Board agendas and minutes also will be posted, as well as the e-mail addresses for staff members.

Bergmann said it also will be a valuable tool for administrators and staff.

Each school has a person assigned to update information. Those updates soon will include changes to athletics schedules.

The district's technology team is devising protocol for what can be posted and what cannot. That will focus mainly on student safety.

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