Garrett D. Bodnovich: Former Craig resident


As a recently discharged veteran, I am thoroughly tired of hearing false stories of gloom about Iraq and the blackout of the unmitigated success in Afghanistan.

The truth is there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Mobile chemical and biological weapons production trailers captured just within the first few weeks and the NBC (nuclear, biological, chemical) warhead casings captured more recently. You also have to allow for the 10 years the Ba'ath party had to hide weapons thanks to bungled United Nations supervision as well as months of advanced notice of invasion.

Our armed forces are so superior and our military planners so far advanced that we can keep the fight off our soil. And even without the overwhelming military victory in Iraq and Afghanistan, there is the vast humanitarian good the U.S. military has done. The hospitals and schools built not by United Nations coalition forces, but U.S. soldiers in both Iraq and Afghanistan. I guess my main message is show the respect that our military, including our president, so richly deserve.

Garrett D. Bodnovich
Former Craig resident

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