No action on porn

Council sees no reason to meddle in library affairs


Craig resident Les Hampton spent eight pages and about 10 minutes explaining why the Craig City Council should get involved fixing a problem that -- as of last week -- no longer exists.

Hampton attended Tuesday's council meeting to request that the city send a letter to the Moffat County Library Board urging the library to install pornography filtering software.

"I don't even know why we're having this discussion," he said.

Why we have pornography displayed in a public library is beyond me."

His request wasn't well received, even before council members learned that filtering software had already been installed.

"I don't think it's this board's job to instruct another entity on how to do their job," Councilor Don Jones said.

He called Hampton's request an extension of an ongoing tiff Hampton has had with the Library Board and staff.

"As good neighbors, we need to leave this to the county commissioners, the Library Board and the library staff," Jones said -- a thinly veiled reference to a comment Hampton made last month.

Hampton -- then a Moffat County commissioner -- voted to turn down $268,007 in property tax revenue, in part, because he didn't want to share the funds with the city.

"I don't care how great a neighbor you are, I'm not giving you $100,000," Hampton said in December.

Library director Donna Watkins attended the meeting to explain that a cost-effective solution to Internet filtering had been found and installed.

Using it, more than 3 million Web sites are inaccessible to library patrons, including chat rooms, criminal skills sites, drug and drug manufacturing sites, hate speech and sexual sites.

The filters, Watkins said, bring the library in full compliance with state and federal filtering laws.

Patrons wanting access to sites that have been blocked will have an option to make a formal request that the site be unblocked.

"Leave it up to the commissioners and the Library Board, and they did their job," Councilor Bill Johnston told Hampton.

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