TMH board to discuss MRI


Board members of The Memorial Hospital soon will vote on two issues that have long caught the public's attention: a deal to purchase a magnetic resonance imaging machine and approval for a site to build a new hospital.

"We'll pass the motion but I think we're all pretty much for the CNCC site," Board Member Missy Bonaker said.

Board members expect to pass votes on both items at their regular meeting 7 p.m. Wednesday.

Moffat County commissioners are expected to sign off today on approval for TMH to operate MRI services from the Northwest Health Specialists building on Yampa Avenue. It will be a county-owned building.

Acquisition of the MRI machine and building has proven to be a money-making endeavor, one with which Board Member Melton Sullivan said he wished the hospital could have moved forward long ago.

"It's amazing how slowly things go forward when the public gets involved," he said. "I thought we had enough information a year ago to go forward. This is a first-class operation that has an incredible reimbursement rate."

Site selection and progress on a new hospital has been in the works for the past two years.

An advisory board chosen to recommend a site to TMH board members recently voted to recommend approval of a 15-acre site on land owned by Colorado Northwestern Community College west of Moffat County Road 7.

Sullivan and Bonaker said it seemed as if most board members also agreed that CNCC would be the best site for a new hospital.

"I think that we'll be on the same page with the advisory committee," Sullivan said.

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