SAPP Winners


The following students were recognized for selling the most tickets for the Substance Abuse Prevention Program's pancake fund-raiser at McDonald's.

Ridgeview Elementary School
4th Grade
Zach Beauchman, 1st prize, $25, 48 tickets; Kayla Hall, 2nd prize, $15, 30 tickets; Larissa Grammer, 3rd prize, $10, 21 tickets.
3rd Grade
Tiarra Schroeder, 1st prize, $25, 60 tickets; Trenton Alexander 2nd prize $15, 51 tickets; Emily Counts, 3rd prize, $10, 42 tickets.

Sunset Elementary School
4th Grade
Justin McAlexander, 1st prize, $25, 110 tickets; Cheyenne Olson, 2nd prize, $15; 20-plus tickets; Bryant Cox, 3rd prize, $10, 20-plus tickets.
3rd Grade
Austin Luker, 1st prize, $25, 80 tickets; Wyatt Relaford, 2nd prize $15, 20-plus tickets; Colten Yoast, 3rd prize $10, 20-plus tickets.

East Elementary School
4th Grade
Tony Alonso, 1st prize, $25. 38 tickets; Jesse Maneotis, 2nd prize, $10, 20 tickets.
3rd Grade
Brittany Walker, 1st prize, $25, 32 tickets.

Craig Intermediate School
6th Grade
Wyatt Shoryer, $20, 20 tickets; Steven Wagner, $20, 20 tickets.
5th Grade
Andrew Browning, $20, 30 tickets; Joseph Robinson-Romero, $20, 30 tickets; Ryan Zehner, $15, 20 tickets.

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