Star student: 'Enthusiastic about everything'


Six-year-old Kearn Gerber wasn't sure whether to be proud or embarrassed.

He told all his classmates he was going to be a star student, but he never had talked to a reporter before.

The Ridgeview Elementary School first-grader usually is enthusiastic about everything, especially stories about his life, his teacher said.

"He always has something nice to say about others and tells good stories," Karen Eitel said.

She describes Gerber as a self-motivated hard worker who always strives to do his best.

"He always helps other people," Eitel said. "He enjoys it."

Gerber said he likes school. Recess tops his list of reasons why, by he said he also enjoys reading.

When he's not at school, Gerber can be found throwing footballs or driving tanks, snowboarding and hunting via his PlayStation.

He gets to hunt in real life, too.

"It's not scary," he said.

Gerber has gone big-game hunting with his dad, but when he takes aim, it's generally at a target or a prairie dog.

You don't eat a prairie dog, though, and you definitely don't stuff them.

"You can't hang the ones my dad shoots, they just come apart," he said. "The ones I shoot, they just flop around."

Gerber has an 8-year-old brother. Sometimes they fight.

Sometimes they get along.

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