Charles and Evelyn Judd: Craig


Kudos to the Moffat County library for installing software to filter pornography from computers that children use! However, this leaves me wondering: Why are our tax dollars being used to furnish entertainment (sick entertainment) to individuals in the first place?

To quote the Jan. 18 issue of the Craig Daily Press, "In Maybell, a visitor regularly viewed pornography on a computer, but the library staff worked a schedule with him so he would not look at the material while children were in the building."

When would there have been no children in the building? Besides, pornography is not jus bad for children, but criminal statistics prove it is bad for adults also. The public library is there for education, not for entertainment. Why was this person in Maybell given special privileges to view pornography at the expense of my (and your) tax dollars? And though some would claim the First Amendment, it was not intended to secure publicly funded pornographic "entertainment." Why shouldn't filters be put on all of the computers?

Charles and Evelyn Judd

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