Mrs. Husband's 4th Grade Class: Ridgeview Elementary School, Craig


Our class needs your help. The tsunami killed more than 165,000 people on Dec. 26. The survivors need your help by sending money so they can have food, water, medicine, clothes, shelter, and schools with teachers. Please spread the word to all your family and friends who did not read this newspaper. The Jan. 17 Newsweek rated relief organizations according to how much money donated goes to direct aid for victims. We recommend organizations rated with a grade A or B.

Aid Organization Grade
American Red Cross A+
Lutheran World Relief A+
Doctors Without Borders USA A
Care (G) A-
Save the Children A-
Direct Relief International B
U.S. Fund for UNICEF C-
U.S. Assn. for UNHCR D
World Emergency Relief F
Feed the Children F
Thank you.
Mrs. Husband's 4th Grade Class
Ridgeview Elementary School

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