Building permits indicate steady construction activity


"Steady" is how Building Inspector Dave Costa describes Craig's 2004 construction activities.

And the numbers back his assertion.

There were 302 building permits issued in 2004, compared with 304 issued in 2003. Of those, 241 were residential and 54 commercial.

"We're just kind of plugging along at that steady rate," Costa said.

Only one other time since 1996 has the number of permits issued for stick-built construction outnumbered permits for modular construction. This year, the difference was one. Sixteen permits were issue for stick-built homes versus 15 for modulars. Costa thinks the reason is a surge in the number of moderately priced stick-built homes is helping to makes them comparable to the price modulars.

There were four commercial projects in 2004 -- three storage buildings and Standard Plumbing. One permit for new construction was issued to the Colorado Division of Wildlife for its warehouse. Six permits were issued for alterations and/or additions.

All totaled, 500 permits were issued, which included building, alterations, mechanical and plumbing permits. The building department generated $101,613.62 in revenue from permit fees.

The value of all construction last year was $7,085,967. More than $5 million of that came from residential buildings. The value of new houses constructed in 2004 was $3,233,797, meaning the average price of a new home last year was $124,377.

"We don't want a boom-and- bust cycle. We want to see steady growth," Costa said.

Next year's numbers could go up, Costa said. A Wal-Mart, a new bowling alley or a new hospital could have a big effect on next year's report -- and revenues -- but Costa isn't counting on any of them.

"Until I see a parking and landscaping plan on my desk, it's all talk," he said.

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