Two arrested in cocaine bust


Law enforcement officers recently arrested and charged two men with the intent to distribute cocaine.

Baltazar Barcenas, 36, and Luis Santos-Salvador, 21, each face one charge of possession with intent to distribute cocaine.

They are at the Moffat County Jail on an immigration hold, Moffat County Sheriff's Office Sgt. Rick Holford said.

Officers from the Grand, Routt and Moffat County Drug Enforcement Team, U.S. Immigration and Custom Enforcement and the Sheriff's Office, seized 1 ounce of cocaine in a search of a Craig apartment Jan. 10, Holford said.

The substance was valued at $2,800, police said.

"It surprised GRAMNET because they see so little (cocaine) in Craig," Holford said.

"It's not something that people really talk about anymore. It's usually (methamphetamine) because it's cheaper."

Working through a tip provided by an anonymous informant, Craig police officers pulled over a vehicle with the alleged buyer inside.

A drug-sniffing dog indicated that drugs might be in the passenger seat, police said.

Holford said the buyer was arrested when he was found with cocaine, but the man is in custody at another detention because he "feared for his life," Holford said.

Police obtained a search warrant for the apartment where officers found the cocaine, Holford said.

Holford said whether Santos-Salvador was a resident of the apartment was unclear.

Holford said the Sheriff's Office is increasing its efforts to expose drug-related arrests through press releases to the media.

"We're going to keep doing it to let people know what we're doing," he said.

"It could help especially if people know their names are going to be in the paper."

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