Tara Jenerich: Executive director, Moffat County Partners


January is National Mentoring Month, a special time for Moffat County Partners, as you might imagine, and we encourage all of you to take the time to think about who your mentor was growing up.

It doesn't take special skills to be a mentor. A willingness to listen, offer encouragement and share what you have learned about life with a young person. It doesn't have to take a lot of time either. With 168 hours in a week, sharing three hours with a child would be a small investment with some amazing returns.

If you stop think about it, that isn't that much more than dinner and movie. Maybe an afternoon of weeding and doing yard work. A Rockies game. Washing and waxing the car. Preparing and eating a meal. A trip to the library. Things you do all the time that could be shared with a young person who may never have had the opportunity to do these things. The most powerful effect on children comes from the time that we take for granted sometimes.

Jan. 25 is "Thank Your Mentor Day." We have all had a teacher, coach, neighbor or adult friend who has mentored us. Please remember the "someone" who mentored you. Contact those people who mentored you as a youngster and thank them for the powerful, positive influences they had on your life. You know who they are and what they meant to you, but do they?

Moffat County Partners has 45 young people waiting for a mentor, maybe one just like you Please take the time to remember your mentors, to thank them and to take that next step in becoming a mentor yourself, or encouraging someone you know to become a mentor. Mentors change lives. Mentoring changes communities

The next big thing in your life doesn't have to be big. Indeed, it's surprising just how small the next big thing may be.

In the interest of youths,

Tara Jenerich
Executive director, Moffat County Partners

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