Kathie Johnson: Craig


I am writing this letter because as a taxpayer I'd like to know why so many people in the judicial system use their powers in abusive ways? At what point are they held responsible for their actions?

Why would someone prosecute a 12-year old boy for something that should have been taken care of by the school and the two parents?

How many times were we in schoolyard scrapes, and not once do I remember anyone being prosecuted in the judicial system. I don't think that fighting is right, but this was certainly not harsh enough to try to put a 12-year-old in the judicial system.

It isn't just this that bothers me, but I also have dealt with people in the parole system who use their power to hurt people just because they can. When someone breaks the law, they have to pay the penalty. But when they've done their time and are trying to do better shouldn't they be treated with some decency and let those in power know they are being watched and questioned?

Kathie Johnson

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