Dale Potter: Pastor, Yampa Valley Baptist Church


In last Monday's column, "Creationism creeping into high schools," Gene Lyons bemoans the fact that something called "intelligent design" is being considered as material to be presented in high school biology classes. He presents people who believe in "intelligent design" as "suburbanites who have lost their way amid the moral and intellectual confusion of life and cling to biblical literalism like a life raft." He says they are unwilling to elaborate upon, adjust and correct their insights during the past century, as the followers of Darwin have.

I would like to point out that the creation account in the book of Genesis does not need correcting. The Book of Genesis not only tells who created the world and why it was created but also how it was done: "And God said ... and it was so." Truth does not have to be adjusted. Theories, such as Darwinism are constantly being corrected because they need correction -- they were not right in the first place.

It is amazing that Lyons can look at the intricacies of DNA, the genetic code, and the sequence of the entire genome of several species, and the documentation "with extraordinary specificity how a tiny single-celled egg develops into an adult organism" and attribute those intricacies to chance and time rather than intelligence. It must take a lot of faith to do that.

I certainly hope and pray that "intelligent design" will creep into a lot of high schools.

When people know that there is a designer behind all creation, and that they might be accountable to that one, there might not be the "sheer ignorance" and moral decay cited by Lyons. There might not be so much promiscuity, drugs, alcohol, shootings, cheating, Iying and hate in our high schools (and homes) as there is now because God has been taken from the equation. It might be that our children would be safe in their schools as they were before Darwin's theory was presented as fact.

Dale Potter
Pastor, Yampa Valley Baptist Church

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