CMS equipment missing


A new digital projector has been reported missing from Craig Middle School.

The school had the $1,200 piece of equipment for about two and a half weeks before it was reported missing before the Thanksgiving break, said school library media specialist Sandy Feeney.

"I spent a couple days looking for it in classrooms," she said.

Feeney said she had had item on her wish list to get for the school for the past two years.

Its small size made it handy to wheel into classrooms and it could be used to display images from VCRs and DVDs onto large screens.

Teachers could check out the projector to use in classrooms, but it was reportedly locked in the library when it was taken, Feeney said.

Security has been tightened in the library, she said, after a video camera reportedly was stolen last year.

The library is locked if a librarian is not present, Feeney said.

She said it was unclear whether the school would be able to purchase another digital projector.

"We've already instituted some measures," Feeney said. "I don't know what else we can do."

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