Carol Balleck: Craig, Karen Werth: Gillette, Wyo.


This letter is about the Jan. 5 article about the county library lagging.

You have got to be kidding us, Mrs. Watkins, about the guy's right to free speech -- he was looking at porn. Do you also have movies on this as well?

Don't get us wrong; we are not prudes. You knew the filters were supposed to be in place by the first of the year. You could have taken the money from the new computers to buy the filters and, in 2005, budget the money to do the rest of the computers you need.

There is no excuse you can give that makes it right.

You and the Board of Trustees, plain and simple, dropped the ball big time.

Yes, if I had been the person sitting next to the man I could A) say something, or B) get up and leave. But I am an adult. What if he had been one of our grandchildren? And if the filters were in place, none of this would have happened, and we would not be writing this letter.

To the county commissioners: Maybe you should think about making the director's job and the Board of Trustees position a term limit?

After all, the library belongs to Moffat County, and you are the county commissioners.

Thank you for letting us have our freedom of speech.

Carol Balleck


Karen Werth,

Gillette, Wyo.

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