Melinda Bobo: Story about resignation implied something untrue


To the Editor:

I am very disappointed by the Craig Daily Press story Wednesday about my resignation from the hospital advisory board.

At no time during the phone interview did I ever say that I felt the board or the process was biased. Indeed, I chose my words very carefully, because I did not want to imply that in any way. I do not feel that the advisory board or its process is biased or predisposed toward any given outcome. What I said was that I personally was not feeling confident in my own ability to make a sound decision given the information I had at hand and the time I had available for the board. Part of that had to do with the order in which we were examining information in the process. But it was not that the process was bad or biased, merely that it did not follow my personal preferences for information distribution.

The far more important reason for my resignation is that I have only been in Craig since the end of September, and after getting involved in a lot of activities, it has become necessary for me to prioritize my time contributions. That meant resigning from a board that I did not think I could serve as effectively as I would like.

The advisory board has 17 other members fully capable of handling this task in a responsible and ethical manner. I felt (and feel) confident that the remaining board members will recommend the site that is in the best interests of the community and the county. I apologize to them for any difficulty they may encounter because of this misunderstanding.


Melinda Bobo

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