Corrie Scott: Haven not 'sorely needed' facility, Sandrock capable


Haven not 'sorely needed' facility, Sandrock capable

To the Editor:

I would like to comment about your editorial "Our View" about The Haven in last Friday's paper.

The Haven is not a "sorely needed" facility; Sandrock Ridge is more than capable of providing the services we need in Moffat County for our elderly population. Sandrock Ridge does accept Medicaid. Currently, Sandrock Ridge officials are working to purchase a van to transport the elderly; however, increasing their census numbers to at least 30 residents is their first priority. They also are applying for licensing to provide adult day care. Section 8 housing is provided in Craig through the Independent Life Center and at Sunset Meadows. Transportation for the elderly is provided by Human Service Volunteers, Veterans Services and the ILC. Human Service Volunteers provides transportation for the elderly to appointments anywhere in the state. Sandrock Ridge will contract with the VNA, when needed, to provide hospice care to their residents. Of course this doesn't mean that we don't have a need for The Haven or other care facilities in our valley, they provide different services than a skilled nursing home.

The VNA is not a government agency, it is a 501(c)3 "not for profit" agency. They can apply for state and federal grants and foundation money because they are a 501(c)3. Therefore, the VNA operation is different than businesses in the private sector.

To assume and convey in your editorial that Moffat County residents and local elected officials do not have vision for the elderly is completely insulting. Moffat County residents do have vision; however, at the current time, the facilities we do have, not only in Moffat County but in Routt County, are not being fully utilized. In late 2000 and 2001, community members formed a committee called the Assisted Living Steering Committee through the Moffat County Housing Authority to explore the needs of an Assisted Living Center. Through process, it was determined that the needs were being met at that time. The Assisted Living Center remains as an agenda item and is reviewed on the monthly agenda when the Moffat County Housing Authority board meets.

The power of the press is great. The press needs to be held to a high level of accuracy and standards when printing articles, especially when you are involving private businesses and individuals in our community. When the press makes retractions, the retraction should be in the same place as the original article in the same font size with an explanation in the same substance correcting the information.


Corrie Scott


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