Drivers: Beware the red tags


Persistent snowfall isn't a good excuse for Craig residents to leave their vehicles permanently parked on city streets, said Becky Otis, code enforcement officer with the Craig Police Department.

Vehicles need to be moved after the snow settles in around the tires and doors, to give snowplows a chance to clear the roadway.

If not, Otis may tag the vehicles with red tickets, giving residents 48 hours to move the vehicles before they are towed at the owner's expense.

"A lot of people think I'm going to tow it no matter what when they get a red tag," Otis said.

"That's not true. As soon as they move it, the red tags are gone."

Otis tagged about a dozen cars Thursday.

Some vehicles looked as if they hadn't been moved since snow falling a few days ago, she said.

If residents don't move cars within two days, the city will move them and charge for towing and storage. Unclaimed vehicles will be sold, Otis said.

The department has claimed about seven cars and has sold a few.

Otis said she usually tries to call vehicle owners who get tickets to give them a warning.

People leaving town for an extended period shouldn't leave vehicles parked on the streets for more than three days, according to city ordinance, she said.

Still, Otis is aware that in some parts of town parking on the streets is the only option.

"All you have to do is move the vehicle after the first plow comes through," she said.

"To some people, it's an honest mistake. To others, I have to keep reminding them."

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