How to avoid getting robbed


Craig police officers can't recall the last time they received a local report of a mugging, said Police Chief Walt Vanatta.

That is, not until Craig resident Kourtney Gelvin reported that she allegedly was attacked when a man tried to steal her quarters while she was doing laundry Sunday night at the Columbine Apartments.

"It's the first (mugging) case anyone can remember in years," Vanatta said.

Still, the police chief advised residents to follow a few rules to avoid getting robbed.

"The first thing is not to leave money exposed because all it does is invite people to steal it," he said.

Other precautions may be to walk only in brightly lit areas at night. Good lighting around buildings often is the best prevention for crime, he said.

Vanatta said that a spree of burglarized vehicles mostly has stopped. Typically, vehicles that are broken into or stolen have their doors unlocked or keys inside, he said.

Vanatta declined to say whether it's a good idea to fight back if a robber strikes.

"I'd encourage people to try to get a good description," he said. "Most businesses say just give them the money. Other people who elect to fight back run the risk of being injured or killed."

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