Bob Grubb, Co-owner, Rainbow Living Center: Craig


About your opinion piece, "Support VNA, Haven," I can't speak authoritatively for Sandrock Ridge, but the last I knew, it started taking Medicaid in October, while, because of an outrageous increase in liability insurance, Rainbow Living Center had to let our Medicaid license lapse. So Sandrock Ridge and The Haven take Medicaid at least.

You state that if private business decided to find a way to serve Medicaid residents, The Haven will not stand in its way. Should I be thankful and bow down before the great nonprofit? No way! Maybe Charlie Brown would, as he doesn't seem to stand up for himself as he gets picked on and bowled over daily. I, for one, plan to go down fighting! I say that if VNA gets $2,500, then Rainbow Living Center should get $2,500. What's good for the goose is good for the gander.

Or here is another way: Rainbow will pledge to not take Medicaid residents if VNA/The Haven pledges to not take private pay residents. That will separate the fields and make us truly noncompetitive. The VNA says it will not compete.

The VNA to my understanding already has received enough grants to pay off the mortgage holders of The Haven. These controversial $50,000 (cut back to $2,500) requests are to create a fund for future expansion and remodeling toward a senior day care center, senior center space, Section 8 housing and transportation to and from its hospice center.

God forgive me, but I could covet a $250,000 fund to use for my dreams in this area.


Bob Grubb

Co-owner, Rainbow Living Center


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