Betsy Peck: Craig


As chairwoman of Christmas for Seniors, I want to say thanks to the caring residents of Craig and Moffat County. Once again, these wonderful people opened their hearts and their wallets to contribute to the KRAI Christmas Media Drive which was held during early December. Besides money, we also received many donations of items to give to more than 160 senior citizens.

Special thanks go to Derek and Shannon at Kmart, the Kmart employees, Routt County Fire and Safety, McCandless Animal Hospital, Frances at Super Car Wash, Georginna McAnally, United Way and Corrie Scott, Connie Adams, Janette Harris, Keith Antonson and members of Chapter AJ-P.E.O. Last but not least, thanks to the crew at KRAI and Tammie, Frank and Josh.

Craig is a fantastic community. I am proud to call it my home.


Betsy Pec

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