Brandie's biggest fan


It has happened nearly every game for seven years.

A chair from the cafeteria is placed next to the stands in the northwest corner of the Moffat County High School gym and reserved for a special fan.

Just like clockwork, Jane Stout makes her way into the gym and situates herself the best she can to watch volleyball or girls basketball.

"The chair is more comfortable for my back," Stout said. "It's the shortest walk from the door, so that is where I sit."

Stout can be seen quietly cheering for all Bulldogs, but she has had a special interest in the girls with the last name Telfer.

Stout moved to Craig in 1994 from Colorado Springs to spend more time with her granddaughters, Katie and Brandie.

"I moved up here for my little girls," she said.

Her little girls are grown up now. Katie attends college, and Brandie is in her senior year at Moffat County.

This season, Brandie broke the Moffat County girls basketball career scoring record. If there were a record for games attended, Stout might have her name in the books, too.

"I might have that record," she agreed.

Stout also travels when the girls go on the road.

"You meet some good people away from here," she said. "The only towns I don't like are Battle Mountain and Eagle Valley, because they go on Twentymile Road and it scares me."

Katie was in high school from 1998 to 2002. The sisters played together during Katie's senior year when Brandie was a freshman.

That also was the last time the Bulldogs hosted a state playoff game.

"This year's team is better at passing," Stout said. "They are more unselfish."

While she hesitates to call herself a basketball expert, Stout does admit she had learned by watching.

"Randy Kline (a friend from church) has helped me learn a lot," she said. "I know especially when they score."

Brandie said she receives hoops advice from grandma on a regular basis.

"She really likes when I shoot a hook shot," she said. "She pretty much tells me to do anything."

Brandie's parents also attend every game, but Stout said that, because she's older, she has earned the title of Brandie's biggest fan.

Last year, Stout was honored as the team's No. 1 fan by seniors Stephanie Brown and Ashlee Hafey.

"My teammates love her," Telfer said. "They always say, 'There's your grandma.'"

"All the girls are my granddaughters," Stout said.

Saturday night will be Telfer's final home game, but Stout plans to be back next year.

"The games are my main outlet," she said. "I keep myself occupied in between seasons, but I always look forward to the next basketball season. I want to watch everybody next year, especially April Sanchez, because she's had such a tough year."

Sanchez, a junior, has missed volleyball and basketball because of a knee injury.

With tears in her eyes, Stout expressed what the girls and games meant to her.

"These girls work hard and are very dedicated," she said.

Next year Telfer will be playing basketball at Adams State College in Alamosa.

"She's sad because I'm going so far away," Brandie said.

"I think I'll still try to make it to some games," Stout said. "But I get claustrophobic when I drive in the mountains."

Grandma is a little worried about her little girl next year.

"All I can do is pray about it," she said.

But right now, there are some basketball games still left to watch.

"It's been fun to watch the girls mature from AAU to now," she said.

And, as she watches all of her "granddaughters," everybody familiar with Bulldog sports knows where they'll find her.

In the chair reserved for Brandie's biggest fan.

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