Out with the old

Hotel changes name, furnishings


There's a spring-cleaning of sorts happening at the former Deer Park Inn.

Along with the hotel's changeover to a new Best Western franchise, owners are practically gutting the place of its furnishings to make way for the new furniture and new decor in all 45 rooms.

On sale is everything to outfit a room, and some buyers already are taking advantage, owner Frank Moe said.

"I've had some people buy a whole room full of furniture," he said. "Other people are buying for their kids who are going to college."

Moe said the hotel's change to a franchise allows owners to stay somewhat independent but to become recognizable as a part of a large chain of hotels. New furnishings will mark one of the changes. Moe said the hotel has gone nonsmoking. Further changes and improvements are in store, but Moe declined to disclose what those plans would be.

Moe and his wife, Kerry, are the major stakeholders in the business that was purchased eight years ago, Frank said.

Three of the hotel's rooms are open to the public and have price stickers plastered to items such as tables, chairs, bedspreads, televisions and mirrors. The sale has attracted some people who want to purchase a whole room full of goods or others who want any number of a particular item, Frank said.

One woman purchased a furniture set for her college-bound son. Another person came to purchase items for a spare room.

The hotel makeover has been stressful on employees, Frank said, but workers enjoy that the hotel soon will look brand new. Frank said hotels probably change over furniture about every 10 years, but he wanted the hotel to be ahead of that curve and stay competitive. It's ironic, he said, because the hotel regularly receives compliments about its interior decoration.

"It's nice now, but it will be the way we always wanted it to be," Frank said.

Scanning a room splashed with "for sale" tags, he said, "I wish I would have had some of this stuff when I was in college."

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