Invigorating routine

Gordon walking her way to fitness


Ida Gordon is a mall walker and she loves it.

She walks the loop in Centennial Mall at least four times a week.

"I try to come every day, but sometimes I cheat and miss," she said.

Gordon said she gets lots of exercise at her job, but it is not the right kind.

"I need the walking for the cardiovascular (benefits), and it helps my back," Gordon said.

She is convinced that starting the day off with a brisk walk makes the whole day better.

"If I start off walking, I kind of glide into the day," she said. "It's starting off with a charge and everything I do turns out better."

Gordon said four laps around the mall is a mile, and she does six laps. She said she likes it because it is safer than the streets.

"There's no lumps, cracks or curbs to trip over, and you don't have to worry about getting snow or road slop blown on you," she said "And there is usually someone here walking -- so it is pretty enjoyable."

Gordon is no stranger to physical work. She owns Robco, a local construction company that specializes in portable storage sheds.

"I started the company for my son, but his family just missed Alabama," she said.

So rather than lose her investment, she learned how to build the sheds herself.

"When they left, I had to learn what to do with a tape measure," she said.

Gordon moved here from Alabama 12 years ago but spent a lot of time here as a child. Her great aunt was Julia Carpenter.

"My granddaddy was the only one of seven that had children," she said. "So the great aunts and uncles treated all of us well -- they were like a bunch of extra grandparents," she said.

Gordon thinks her mall walking will pay off this summer when work picks up.

"It will help keep me strong and fit for all my summer projects," she said.

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