Real estate transactions for Jan. 2005


n Seller: Lynda and Carolyn Garrett Frederick
Buyer: Gary and Hilda Martinez
Property: Agriculture T3N R91W S11, S3, S10 Desc, T4 R91W S34 Desc; Moffat County Rd. 34, Hamilton, CO
Price: $900,000
n Seller: Dale Kruse
Buyer: Darcy Land LLC
Property: Meadows Lot 4, Blk. 12, Meadows 2nd Addition 241 Bilsing St.
Price: $197,500
n Seller: Roger and Deborah Markham
Buyer: Thomas W. and Sylvia J. Whiffen
Property: Craig View Lot 35, Blk. 25; Vacant Lot
Price: $4,000
n Seller: Derek V. and Lani K. Cleverly
Buyer: Craig T. and Jamie C. Eckroth
Property: Panorama Park Lot 6, Blk. 1; 1204 Alta Vista Dr.
Price: $35,000
n Seller: Public Trustee
Buyer: First National Bank of the Rockies
Property: Wilderness Ranch Lot 38, Subdivision No. 1; 3420 Grackle Rd.
Price: $9,729
n Seller: Anton Schweitzer
Buyer: Deborah K. Powell
Property: Craig Original Lot 3, S ? lot 2, N 7' lot 4, Blk. 32; 586 Rose St.
Price: $76,250
n Seller: Cheryl L. Brown
Buyer: Jake and Jennifer Hume
Property: Frontier City Lots 4-6, Blk. 4; 560 W. 3rd St.
Price: $128,000
n Seller: Shirley Levkulich
Buyer: Frank M. and Doris J. Sadvar
Property: Harris Owens Lot 3 of replat of tracts 46B & 46C, less W 30'; Vacant Lot on Yampa Ave.
Price: $13,000
n Seller: Dan L. Martin
Buyer: Dennis Criswell
Property: Craig Misc T6N R91W S2 NW4, m/b desc.; Lot in 200 block Doyan Ave.
Price: $70,000
n Seller: Moffat County, A Body Politic
Buyer: Marvin Cortner
Property: Craig Original Lots 22-24, Blk. 15, Town of Craig; 700 Tucker St.
Price: $85,000
n Seller: Harold and Amy E. Holland
Buyer: Eric Phillip and Krista Lee Nehring
Property: T6N R92W Sec3 NW4NW4 m/b desc. Aka Parcel E; 400 Behrman St.
Price: $115,000
n Seller: Rio Ro Mo Co, A Trust
Buyer: Mark and Marita Stout
Property: Agriculture T7N R93W Sec. 7,8,17,18 m/b desc.
Price: $225,000
n Seller: Ronald D. and Janet M. Howard
Buyer: David Fell and Mary Poskus-Fell
Property: Wilderness Ranch Lot 674 Wilderness Ranch Subdivision #8; Wilderness Ranch Lot 674
Price: $5,500
n Seller: Public Trustee
Buyer: DPS Credit Union
Property: Shadow Mountain Lot 4 of Sunrise at Shadow Mountain; 1170 Sunrise Lane
Price: $110,844
n Seller: Patrick L. and Mary L. King
Buyer: Charles A. and Kathy Rohrer
Property: County Res/Subs T7N R90W Sec 32 m/b desc.; 2205 East 9th St.
Price: $189,000
n Seller: Stanley E. Sjostrom and Robin E. Hamill
Buyer: Donald J. Randall
Property: Rosedale Addition Lots 13-14 Blk. 1; 640 Legion St.
Price: $119,000
n Seller: James and Corine Schweikert
Buyer: Jennifer L. Reinier
Property: Sand Springs Sub Lot 36 of Sand Springs #4; 120 Linda Vista
Price: $140,500
n Seller: John T. Kay
Buyer: Leslie L. Kay
Property: County Res/Subs T5N R103W Sec 18 S2NE4,N2SE4
Price: $40,000
n Seller: Dale R. and Christine A. Beckerman
Buyer: Guillermo and Yolanda Palacios
Property: Glen Erie Sub Lot 1, Blk. 7; 1196 East 10th St.
Price: $155,000
n Seller: Timothy R. and Joyce J'Lea Driver
Buyer: Joel L. and Courtney J. Jenison
Property: Victory Addition S2/3 Lot 14, Lot 15, N2/3 Lot 16 Blk. 4; 438 & 440 Washington St.
Price: $82,000
n Seller: RR, Marcia H. Roster
Buyer: Huberty Revocable Trust
Property: County Res/Subs Sec 28 T6N R95W m/b desc.
Price: $50,000
n Seller: James L. Kunkle and Hilary S. Warren
Buyer: Sheila M. Brennise
Property: Jensen Mobile Home Lot 1 Blk. 3; 1526 Heather St.
Price: $25,000
n Seller: Walter S. and Mary F. Thomas, and Diana M. Laib
Buyer: Kathleen A. and James H. Ross
Property: County Res/Subs Lots 1-2 Sec3 T6N R91W m/b desc; vacant land on 1st St.
Price: $70,000
n Seller: Randall J. Knoche
Buyer: Don W. Smith
Property: Craig Original Lots 43-45, Blk. 2; 877 Russell St.
Price: $125,660
n Seller: Katherine A. and Richard P. Stevens
Buyer: Keith L. and Luanne Antonson
Property: Shadow Mountain Lot 16 Blk. 2 SMV #2; 1008 Aspen Ave.
Price: $20,000
n Seller: Terrance J. Calvert
Buyer: Philip R. Jr. and Karen F. Gibson
Property: Country Club Lot 8, Blk. C; 1090 East 7th St.
Price: $54,000
n Seller: Christiaan D. Evans
Buyer: Raymond D. and Marilyn Mapel Lighthizer
Property: Western Knolls Blk. 4 Lot 2; 498 Western Ave.
Price: $175,000.

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