Judy Baker: Craig's animal shelter ordinance a pet peeve


I would like to know why we cannot take our own pets to our own vets. I know there are rules. So the rule is getting a cat or dog from the shelter and, right then and there, you have to get it neutered or spayed.

I don't think that is fair. I think it's only fair to give other vets business.

I do know there are people not neutering or spaying their pets, but for the most part, we do want our pets neutered and spayed.

My income is not that great, so I asked whether the humane society could help me. They sent me a letter stating that I could get reduced costs. I was so glad, I took my application to where I picked up the cat, at Animal Control. They said my application was no good. Low and behold, their name is on the application. I never was treated so badly in my life.

When pet owners have their own vets and can't use them, then they would rather euthanize the animal.

Judy Baker

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