Mike Kiser: Look at both sides before you decide


Chloe Gilchrist's commentary about the ruthlessness of the American lack of bombing Hiroshima before dropping the atom bomb, I think, was hasty and incomplete.

First, your life may not have happened if we invaded Japan with a million casualties predicted.

Second, did you interview the serviceman from Craig who suffered through the Bataan Death March? Wait, he was tortured to death on that march.

Did you talk to the POWs about how they were treated by the Japanese?

Third, how ruthless was Japan's attack on Pearl Habor? None of the people who were wounded or killed had done anything to Japan.

One last thing: Did Japan have any museums showing how they raped and murdered a whole town in China? I bet not. They won't even teach that in school.

Now you're entitled to your opinion, but please try to look at both sides first.

Mike Kiser

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