Road and Bridge Internet woes could be over


Phone and Internet service at the Moffat County Road and Bridge Department headquarters has been a problem for years.

The underground cable that serves the office on First Street commonly floods, and service to the department's headquarters is cut off.

"Every time it rained, we would lose a line," Road and Bridge manager Linda DeRose said.

DeRose said that when service went out, the department had to wait for it to dry or for Qwest crews to come fix the service.

Road and Bridge's Internet service went out again Tuesday morning.

Qwest crews began work on the line Wednesday morning, replacing lines at the department's headquarters and a telecommunication box nearby.

During the repairs, the department's phones and electricity were out for a brief period.

By Wednesday afternoon, the department had phone service and electricity, but the Internet wasn't running yet.

"For some reason (the Inter--net) hasn't been working," DeRose said.

DeRose said she hopes the Internet is up and running in a few days.

When the Internet is down, DeRose said the department can't access information at the courthouse, such as purchase orders, which creates more work.

"It's definitely not the way we want to do it," DeRose said.

DeRose and Road and Bridge director Bill Mack discussed the telecommunications problem with the Moffat County commissioners at Tuesday's commissioners meeting.

Moffat County information services coordinator Mason Siedschlaw said Tuesday that there was some concern Qwest wouldn't fix the lines at Road and Bridge.

Commissioners gave Siedschlaw permission to purchase an antenna for wireless Internet access, but when Qwest crews showed up Wednesday, Siedschlaw didn't need to buy an antenna.

"We're not going to proceed with that any farther," Siedschlaw said.

Siedschlaw said Road and Bridge shouldn't have problems with its phone and Internet when Qwest crews finish.

"This is something that's going to fix our problem 100 percent," Siedschlaw said.

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