All the small things working for golfers


Maybe senior Zach Haddan's first two holes of the golf tournament in Cortez will exemplify the team's season.

Haddan hit a tree on his first shot but then rebounded to bogee and then birdie the next hole to even things out. He finished the day with an 83.

"That was a hard fought 83," coach Ken Harjes said. "Zach keeps working, and it's slowly paying off."

That is why Haddan's first hole could end up like the Bulldogs' season. Things haven't started out too stellar. The team hasn't finished in the top half of a tournament this season. But from all accounts, Harjes thinks his team is working hard and that it will pay off down the road.

"They want to get up early tomorrow and get in some shots before the tournament," he said. "The good thing is that they're here to get better, not just to be here."

Junior Kaleb McKey came through on his promise that he would have a better score Wednesday than his previous tournament Aug. 18 in Rifle. He shot a team-best 80 and that was with missing four putts he admitted should have been gimmies.

Freshman Collin Jackson turned in an 88, and senior Kyle Wilson and Shawn Brookshire scored 90s.

"It was a new course to everybody, and I didn't realize that," he said. "Collin told me he thought the pin was at 150 when it was actually at 100 and he overshot."

The Bulldogs' score of 251 put them in sixth place out of 10 teams. The winner was Durango with a score of 223.

The team is in Durango today with some goals established at dinner Wednesday night.

"One person at dinner threw out a number at dinner as a joke, and he was quickly corrected," Harjes said about the goal setting. "The response was, 'Small steps.' So they have realistic goals, and I think they have a chance to do that."

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