Trusses collapse during Timberglen roof work


Trusses "fell like dominos" at about noon Friday as workers were replacing a roof at Timberglen Apartments.

One sub-contractor on the project sustained minor cuts but was not taken to the hospital when he was temporarily pinned between the wood planks, said Chief Chris Nichols of Craig/Fire Rescue.

Timberglen Apartments sustained about $100,000 in damage after some tenants unintentionally started a fire that ripped through Building A.

Construction has since begun to repair the roof.

"It fell slow. It fell like dominos," said Timberglen's maintenance manager, Mike O'Brien. "There are no estimates (yet) on how much this will cost. We have to look at all the trusses and make it right."

The mishap occurred as the trusses were being raised, but hadn't yet been secured.

O'Brien said Friday's mishap might set construction back two to three days.

APH Construction of Craig is working on the project that has subcontracted workers.

Work stalled Friday because of the incident.

The accident did not do any real structural damage, Nichols said.

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