Teens attend Young Life camp


Kevin Loughran spent last week in the mountains of Northern Arizona with 15 teens from Moffat County Young Life.

And a blob.

The "blob," is a big balloon floating in a lake at Young Life's Lost Canyon Camp near Williams, Ariz. One person jumps on the blob, climbs to the end, and waits for the next person to jump. When the second person lands, the first person gets thrown into the air and lands in the water.

Loughran said the blob was his favorite activity at the camp, but he got much more from the experience than a few turns on the floating balloon.

"I really got closer to Christ," Loughran said. "That really hit deep when we were there."

About 150 teens from Young Life groups in Colorado, Arizona and Nevada were at last week's camp.

Young Life is a non-denominational Christian youth group. The group doesn't have members, but is open to any interested teenagers.

The group's weekly meetings will start again next month.

Loughran got involved in Young Life about 18 months ago.

"It's a place you can go talk to people and go have fun and learn about God at the same time," Loughran said of the group.

Lost Canyon was Loughran's third Young Life camp. He went to Buena Vista for winter camp and to Minnesota last summer.

The camps give teens a chance to hang out with people from other states and play on the blob and the zip lines, but Moffat County Young Life area director David Pressgrove said there's much more to the camps than activities.

The camps can have a major impact on the teens' lives, Pressgrove said.

"They knew there was life-changing stuff that could be heard, and they really wanted to hear that," Pressgrove said.

Troy DeRose, one of six adult volunteers who went to last week's camp, has been to more Young Life camps than he can count.

He said the camps give kids a chance to hear the gospel and give leaders a chance to connect with the teens.

"I think every kid that went this year really got something out of it," DeRose said.

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