Average CSAP scores increase in Moffat


Students across the state made significant gains this year in math, but they showed little or no improvement in three other core subject areas -- reading, writing and science.

In Moffat County, average test scores increased. Students in third through 10th grades were tested in reading, writing and math. Eighth-graders were tested in science, as well.

Test results were released Tuesday.

At Moffat County High School, the percentage of students who were proficient went down in several categories. Just 17 percent of 10th-graders and 33 percent of ninth-graders were proficient in math. Tenth-grade scores fell in all three subject areas when compared with the same class's performance as ninth-graders in 2004.

Craig Middle School scores increased in every category but eighth-grade writing, where the percentage of proficient and advanced students fell two points. The most significant increase was in seventh-grade math. The number of students scoring proficient and advanced increased 19 percent.

Still, the middle school had no better than 66 percent proficiency in any category.

Fifth-graders improved their scores in every category when compared with the performance of the 2004 fifth-graders. Also, sixth-graders improved their scores in math and reading when compared with their scores as fifth-graders in 2004.

The results indicate less than half of Moffat County's fifth-graders are proficient in writing.

Typically, elementary schools earn the highest scores in the district. At Sunset Elementary, 73 percent of third-graders are proficient or advanced in math and 74 percent in reading. Third-grade writing scores increased, but at 48 percent, were still lower than fourth-graders who charted 57 percent.

Among Ridgeview Elem-entary fourth-graders, 81 percent scor-ed proficient or advanced in reading, a slight drop from their performance as third-graders, but still the best performance of any group of students in any category.

At East Elementary School, marked improvement was shown among fourth-graders in writing. As third-graders in 2004, just 35 percent were proficient in writing; this year, as fourth-graders, 55 percent were proficient in writing.

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