An 'animal house' life


Kelly Wood moved to the region nearly five years ago from the California desert.

She and her life partner, Bob, packed up their most important belongings -- including their little dog, Mickey, and Angel, the cat that they found -- and headed to northwest Colorado.

Shortly after the move, Wood found another Boston terrier puppy to join their family. She named her Mini.

"A few months later, we rescued a (Siberian) husky puppy in the parking lot at Kmart," she said.

"We named her Heidi."

Wood said she decided that was enough house pets, but then someone in the parking lot of Family Dollar was trying to give away a miniature Doberman mix.

"They made it sound like they were just going to dump her somewhere," Wood said.

"I call her Daisy-Ding."

She said she spends more than $50 a month on food for her animals.

"And there are always vet bills and, of course, toys -- they have to have their toys," she said.

She said that four dogs and one cat is plenty.

"I am trying to be firm on this, but it is hard to see pets that need homes and not just go get them," she said.

She said she has avoided the pet page for months because she is tempted to save them all.

Aside from being a self-described hopeless animal lover, she said she loves the outdoors and camping.

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