Garage supports safety


According to a 2003 study, 27 percent of motorists drive vehicles with low or dirty oil.

Twenty-three percent of cars are running with low pressure in the tires, which affects safety and fuel mileage.

And 26 percent of cars have inadequate cooling protection.

In an effort to encourage vehicle maintenance, mechanics across the country are participating in Car Care Aware Month.

In Craig, Precision Auto will recognize the month by offering full auto inspections today for $20.

All payments will be donated to Craig Intermediate School's color printer fund. The employees and master technicians will be donating their time.

Today also will mark Precision Auto's 10-year anniversary. The garage has grown and expanded during that time, and the mechanics have had to learn more about computers as car engines have changed, owner Nikki McLeslie said.

McLeslie said it's the business's goal to perform 60 inspections today and raise $1,200 for CIS. Employers will check fluid levels, all vehicle lights, the horn, windshield wipers and other items.

Inspections will inventory satisfactory and unsatisfactory items, and McLeslie will mail the inventories to the Car Care Aware organizers, who will in turn compile statistics about car maintenance such as the ones at the beginning of this article.

Precision Auto will raffle off a year's worth of vehicle services, valued at $150. Pepsi donated beverages and a couple of boxes of gifts, including T-shirts, coolers and floor blankets. Hotdogs and cake will be served free of charge.

Next week is also National Tire Safety Week. Big O Tires stores in Craig and across the state are encouraging motorists to stop in a store for a free tire air pressure and tread check.

According to research by the Rubber Manufacturers Association, only 15 percent of drivers properly check their tires. That means 85 percent of drivers are making mistakes when checking their tire pressure.

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