Chris Walsh: Thank you for signing the speed limit petition


To all the people that signed the No 55 MPH speed limit reduction petition, I personally thank you!

All of this started after one (out of state) patrolman voiced his concerns to the local Colorado State Patrol. His point was that there were several deer carcasses along the side of the road, a sight and a risk that we are all aware of, This even happens in town, where the speed limit is only 30 mph.

Anyway, we made a valiant effort to stop this from happening, and I think after talking with Jim Nall of Region 3 Traffic & Safety on Wednesday that our petition did some good.

Jim assured me that the speed would be dropped only at night and only for a period of one year as a test. Jim also said that if deer-vs.-car accidents did not drop substantially, then the speed limit would return to 65 mph.

I sent a letter to him that had several suggestions that might help in lieu of dropping the speed limit to 55 mph, such as killing the grasses on the shoulder of the road in an effort to keep the deer from eating along the edge of the highway. Jim is trying the best he can to help slow or stop highway accidents.

I realize how unhappy this makes the 1,257 people who did sign the petition. I am just as upset. I even tried to contact Gov. Bill Owens. However, just so you know, if you ever try, he is unavailable to talk to you! Golf I guess. No open-door policy here, just the lady that says you can't talk to him.

Well so much for government of the people and by the people. I personally think that going against what the people want is unconstitutional.

One year from now, and I will be watching. We may have to take up the fight again, sooner if necessary!


Chris Walsh


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