Craig and Brenda Rummel: Craig


This letter is about the change of venue for the memorial service for Bill Maddox from Calvary Baptist Church to First Christian Church. As many of you know, Bill Maddox was a member of Calvary Baptist Church.

Bill was a wonderful human being and, before his death, asked whether his good friend, Al Cashion, could perform the service. As we were in attendance at the service, we think that there were two purposes served that day:

1. The family and friends of Bill were given comfort and support.

2. Those in attendance were given "food for thought" concerning their own salvation.

This was a service performed by a Christian on behalf of a friend who, most assuredly, was also a Christian.

Mr. Cashion will have a positive effect on this community whether he is behind the pulpit or a desk.

We thank him for his words that day.

As Christians, we know that our Savior was far more concerned with the "spirit" of the law than the "letter" of the law.

Should a situation like this arise again, we suggest that the elders, deacons and all others responsible for decisions about the use of the church building get together and ask themselves this question: What would Jesus do?

Respectfully submitted,

Craig and Brenda Rummel


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