Star Student: Taft Cleverly


You'd have to talk to Taft Cleverly's teachers to find out what qualities he has that make him outstanding, because Cleverly says he doesn't know.

Sunset Ele--ment--ary School Principal Jim Rugh calls the third-grader a good student who is well-liked by his peers and shows leadership qualities.

Cleverly, th--ough, considers himself the youngest of four children who has no shot against bigger and older siblings.

"I never get them back," he said. "Well, sometimes, but not that often. Maybe once a year."

Cleverly enjoys physical education, but not music. He said he can climb to the top of a rope, but that he doesn't like to sing.

Outside of school, he likes to experiment with new things.

"You have to try new things everyday," he said. "Don't go out for the same thing everyday."

He and his friends spend a lot of time outside playing basketball and football.

Cleverly also likes to travel.

"I've been in a lot of different states," he said.

He generally rides in the back seat but, "if we're in canyons, they put me in the front seat because canyons make me real sick."

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