Pipeline hearing draws few comments


Moffat County resident Paul Anderson said he's had a good working relationship with Entr-ega Gas Pipeline.

The pipeline, which crosses his family's land along the Little Snake River, will make a tremendous amount of natural-gas production possible in Northwest Colorado, Anderson said.

But he's concerned about the effect that development could have on the area's lifestyle and traditions.

Anderson made his comments at the Federal Energy Regu-latory Commission's public comment period in Craig on Thursday evening.

FERC recorded all the comments that were made and will include them, along with responses, in the final environmental impact statement that the federal agency publishes about the pipeline.

Entrega has proposed constructing a 327-mile interstate pipeline from Meeker to Weld County. The pipeline will cross Moffat County about one mile east of Maybell.

Reed Morris of the Colorado Wilderness Network voiced con-cerns similar to Anderson's.

"I encourage FERC to start to really give estimates as far as the range of possibilities for what the future of well field development will look like," Morr-is said.

He asked the agency to consider the effect gas development would have on wildlife and air and water quality.

Moffat County Office of Emergency Management Direc-tor Larry Dalton said he wanted to work with Entrega to develop a plan in case of emergencies during pipeline construction.

Dalton wanted to know when and where crews would be working and by what routes emergency responders could access the crews. He also wanted to identify helicopter landing sites.

Moffat County commissioners Tom Gray and Saed Tayyara both said they were pleased with the way Entrega worked with the county.

"We're pleased with the cooperation and especially the proactiveness

Entrega has shown coming in ahead and addressing any concerns we might have," Gray said.

Initially, Moffat County was concerned about Entrega's weed and reclamation plans, Moffat County Natural Resources Dir-ec-tor Jeff Comstock said.

Entrega adjusted their plans to meet the county's concerns, Comstock said.

FERC will accept public comment regarding the Entrega Pipeline until Monday.

When commenting by letter, the public should mail the original letter and two copies to Magalie Salas, Federal Regulatory Energy Commission, 888 First Street NE, Room 1A, Washington, D.C. 20426.

Comments also may be submitted electronically by using the e-filing link at www.ferc.gov.

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